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Cuilli & Macuilli, los hijos del Jaguar. (2019)
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Cuilli & Macuilli, los hijos del Jaguar. (2019) : Chano is a kid from a remote indigenous community in the mountains of México, he has the responsibility to walk for hours to take to the Sunday street market the idols of the "Tecuanes" that are handcrafted by Cenobio, his grandfather. The old sick man Cenobio shared with Chano the legend and the ancestral tradition of the Tecuanes "Cuilli and Macuilli". Days later Chano sells the idols to a couple of tourists and by using the argument that the legend is interesting, the tourists suggest Chano to go to sell the idols to the city making him believe that he will improve his life conditions.\n\nChano convinces Cenobio to go to the city leaving behind his mother and brother. In the meantime the idols and their story are given, stolen and used by different owners to achieve their purposes, ambitions and needs..
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