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Rush Hour 2 (2001)
Caricamento in corso... Errore di riproduzione. Nuovo tentativo ... Errore durante il caricamento del video. Per favore riprova più tardi. Buffering... In riproduzione: Rush Hour 2 (2001) In pausa: Rush Hour 2 (2001)
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nominale: 6.6 out of 10 con 2524 Voti.
Rush Hour 2 (2001) : It's vacation time for Carter as he finds himself alongside Lee in Hong Kong wishing for more excitement. While Carter wants to party and meet the ladies, Lee is out to track down a Triad gang lord who may be responsible for killing two men at the American Embassy. Things get complicated as the pair stumble onto a counterfeiting plot. The boys are soon up to their necks in fist fights and life-threatening situations. A trip back to the U.S. may provide the answers about the bombing, the counterfeiting, and the true allegiance of sexy customs agent Isabella..
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6.6 United States of America Action,Comedy,Crime trailer
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