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Как я стал русским (2019)
Caricamento in corso... Errore di riproduzione. Nuovo tentativo ... Errore durante il caricamento del video. Per favore riprova più tardi. Buffering... In riproduzione: Как я стал русским (2019) In pausa: Как я стал русским (2019)
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nominale: 6.5 out of 10 con 14 Voti.
Как я стал русским (2019) : To please the father of his bride is not an easy task. This problem is faced by the Chinese guy Pen, when he goes to Moscow for his love - Ira, without even knowing what a nightmare awaits him. After all, her father Anatoly is not at all ready to give his daughter to the first comer, and he has his own plan for deliverance in this case ... However, the bride's father and the bridegroom will have to learn to respect each other if they want to keep the girl who loves most in the world..
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6.5 China Comedy,Romance trailer
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