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구세주: 리턴즈 (2017)
Caricamento in corso... Errore di riproduzione. Nuovo tentativo ... Errore durante il caricamento del video. Per favore riprova più tardi. Buffering... In riproduzione: 구세주: 리턴즈 (2017) In pausa: 구세주: 리턴즈 (2017)
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nominale: 1 out of 10 con 1 Voti.
구세주: 리턴즈 (2017) : During the 1997 IMF when collecting gold was part of a movement, Sang-hoon who wanted to be something cooler, was the owner of a boarding house which wasn't doing very well. His wife Ji-won failed to get overdue bills and the two are about to go bankrupt. To make things worse, a loan shark starts bullying Sang-hoon for money and in the end, Sang-hoon decides to do something about it..
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