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Down to Earth (2001)
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nominale: 5.3 out of 10 con 257 Voti.
Down to Earth (2001) : Struggling comic Lance Barton knows what it's like to die on stage. But when his life takes an unexpected turn - straight to heaven - Lance is sure there's been a mistake. Miraculously, he's right! An angel tells Lance he was taken prematurely but assures him he can be returned to Earth - in the aged body of a ruthless white billionaire. In this improbable reincarnation, Lance begins a hilarious quest to realize his showbiz dream...and, along the way, discovers the person he never imagined he could be. Chris Rock delivers a first-rate performance in this romantic comedy remake of HEAVEN CAN WAIT..
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5.3 United States of America Fantasy,Comedy,Science Fiction,Romance trailer
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