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A Mulher no Fim do Mundo (2019)
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A Mulher no Fim do Mundo (2019) : The Woman at the End of the World, inspired by the album "A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (2015)" by singer Elza Soares, tells the story of Benedita and the girl Lua, two black women who saw the old world succumb and are now the only ones survivors. In this post-apocalyptic scenario, the short film portrays a journey through the search for breaking the silence, thinking about the innumerable processes of silence passed by the characters in the old world. In this sense, the end of the world is also a character, being the personification of a state of mind that permeates the loneliness of the black woman. The short film reveres female power, rescues memories, discusses affection and thinks about paths to be followed..
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