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Chiapas, El Corazón del Café (2012)
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nominale: 4 out of 10 con 2 Voti.
Chiapas, El Corazón del Café (2012) : In 1824, John McGee, an English adventurer, arrived in the Soconusco area of Chiapas with his young wife. There, they sought to fulfill their dream of prosperity and become the first producers of coffee. Upon reaching Chiapas, they discovered that the state had seceded from the rule of Guatemala, plunging into an interim and anarchic government that lasted for 18 years. During this time, John saw his dream frustrated and was forced to seek refuge at his own farm under the protection of the clergy. The dowry of his daughter Isabel becomes his last chance to make his dream come true, as he negotiates with Geronimo and Julian, sellers of coffee plants and slaves, respectively. In the midst of the beauty and hostility of the jungle, a story of love and betrayal emerges, framing the arrival of coffee to Chiapas..
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