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約束 ~忘れられない人がいる~ (2019)
Caricamento in corso... Errore di riproduzione. Nuovo tentativo ... Errore durante il caricamento del video. Per favore riprova più tardi. Buffering... In riproduzione: 約束 ~忘れられない人がいる~ (2019) In pausa: 約束 ~忘れられない人がいる~ (2019)
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約束 ~忘れられない人がいる~ (2019) : Even in the 25th year, the class reunion does not promise to be a highlight, something is missing. Maybe a great woman? The three former schoolmates remember Sachiko Sato and the tender love affair between her and her classmate Hiroshi, which then suddenly broke up. So why not invite Sachiko? The search for her turns out to be more difficult than expected. And if it really comes, how will Hiroshi react?.
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