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Siccin 6 (2019)
Caricamento in corso... Errore di riproduzione. Nuovo tentativo ... Errore durante il caricamento del video. Per favore riprova più tardi. Buffering... In riproduzione: Siccin 6 (2019) In pausa: Siccin 6 (2019)
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nominale: 5.4 out of 10 con 8 Voti.
Siccin 6 (2019) : Turkish villagers (mostly) being under the spell of BLACK MAGIC which is put up on them by a hater in the close or far families that makes them being suffered and trified by the Djins (very Bad Kind of Wicked Devil Among Muslims Coming from Their Holly Book Quran) They have to now look for clues and exorcists to help them run away from it or defeat it..
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5.4 Turkey Horror trailer
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