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Crane Became & Foxtrel (2019)
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Crane Became & Foxtrel (2019) : A story that follows a young hero from the Immortal Craine Sect who faces many trials and finds love before the final battle with the demon lord. In ancient times, the Immortal Crane, the Golden Silkworm and the Blue Lotus Sects have successfully suppressed the demon lord from posing any danger to the world. The demon lord lays dormant in the mountains and creeks to restore his primordial spirit and forces his minions to steal the life force from the common people to help in his recovery. Bai Yulang arrives in the world born out of the purest form of energy. His existence threatens evil forces who seek to destroy him, but he is saved by someone from the Immortal Craine Sect at the most crucial moment. Eighteen years later, Bai Yulang and his lover Ling Long fight for the side of good in a battle against the demon lord..
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